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1977 Corvette T-Top
1977 Corvette T-Top at Sansprit Park on the St. Lucie River in Stuart, Florida!


My first radio job (1974) was at this small station - KBOA. Its nondescript appearance belies the tremendous fun and juvenile antics perpetrated inside. Thousands of these stations are still blowing and going!

This is a video of my work at different radio stations in 1987 (KNNT & KTEI). 

If you're a radiohead who worked in small market stations during the '70s and '80s, this 2.5 minute "blast from the past" will take you back. For non radioheads who've fantasized about being a DJ, these were really the FUN days of radio!

After a few beakers of ale one night, we decided to photograph the stations' billboard for posterity, and to see if we could still stand (questionable marks on both scores).

Diploma from Florida Atlantic University
Diploma from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida,
another fun spot to party hardy!
Oh, yeah, I went to class there, too...

Silk Road Traders ADDY Award, 1999
ADDY Award for a radio commercial for Silk Road Traders,
an oriental rug and upscale accessories business.

Aquatic Life ADDY award, 2000
ADDY Award for a radio ad for Aquatic Life, purveyor of tropical fish
and aquariums
for commercial and residence use.

Golf USA ADDY Award, 1999
ADDY Award for a radio spot for Golf USA,
a retailer dedicated to the golf and fashion worlds.  

Culver Military Acadamy diploma
Diploma from Culver Military Academy near Chicago, Illinois. No wonder I like tropical trappings these days; my high school years were spent marching to breakfast in weather too cold for Sasquatch...

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